Welcome to the Behavioral Data Science Lab

We are a research group at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science of Engineering. Our aim is to explore and understand behavior through the lens of data science.

The Behavioral Data Science Group develops computational methods that leverage large-scale behavioral data to extract actionable insights about our lives, health and happiness through combining techniques from data science, social network analysis, and natural language processing. We currently work on research related to mental health, misinformation online, scientific reproducibility, and informing the COVID-19 response.

We have a postdoc position available.

We are also looking for PhD students, especially in but not limited to deep learning, causal inference, data science and mobile health. If you’re interested please apply to the UW Allen School. Go Dawgs!

Our Group

Tim Althoff

Assistant Professor

Bret Nestor


Vinayak Gupta


Xinyi Zhou


Antonia Saravanou

Visiting Researcher

Ashish Sharma

PhD Student

Galen Weld

PhD Student

Inna Lin

PhD Student

Ken Gu

PhD Student

Margaret Li

PhD Student

Mike Merrill

PhD Student


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